IF you care about the consistent professional image in the web, we are a t your service.
In HUBIT comprehensively dealing with what is important today in the "new media" and call it "interactive full service", which includes:
  • professional advice in planning your marketing strategy question. Marketing strategy differs depending on whether you want to create an online store specialized service or service being thematic merely a showcase of the company
  • design and implementation of websites, online stores - a dedicated CMS solution and implementation for example iStore, Gekosale
  • building Web applications - konfigratory product using HTML 5 technologo
  • Android application
  • auditing and optimizing websites
  • animations, banners reklmowe - technology Flash, HTML5
  • creation of corporate identity - logos, multimedia presentations
  • the positioning of pages in the search engines and paid advertising with Google Adwords
  • DTP graphic design (brochures, business cards, catalogs, letterhead paper, folders, and all types of promotional materials)
  • promotion of social networking companies Facebook and Google+
With years of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of services. We are able to advise najkożystniejsze solutions and help your company achieve competitive advantage.
We have a content management system that is being developed for several years. Dedicated CMS tailored to meet every requirement. It allows you to easily change any of the content of the site, providing huge potential for marketing in your hands. With its help you tell your customers about new products, promotions, awards, partners, etc.


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